We believe in nurturing and offering love to our most precious gifts- our children and our planet.

We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, the Dharawal people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our community.

Our community embraces our children, families, educators and all who contribute and benefit from our service. We acknowledge the opportunity to bring about meaningful, lifelong relationships among our families, their children and all our community. As a part of this community, we have a responsibility to our children and families to establish and maintain a sense of belonging and connection to our shared land and to actively embrace the indigenous culture of the Dharawal people. We are committed to our continued learning and teaching of our history with respect and acknowledgement of the traditional owners of this land.

Our service supports families in their parenting role and offers a collaborative approach to the nurturing and education of their children. We encourage families to be active participants in the life of our service and welcome their cultural heritage, contribution and involvement.

We believe that children are by nature social beings, born with the drive to play, explore and learn. Children are powerful, resourceful, inquisitive and capable members of our community. We value and encourage our children’s customs, knowledge, strengths and interests, reinforcing a deep connection between the children and educators. Our Children are supported to understand themselves and their heritage in a positive way, to experience a sense of belonging and express their opinions and thoughts that nurtures their self esteem and confidence. We pursue learning together in an engaging, stimulating and nurturing environment, supported by dedicated and caring pedagogies.

We all share and promote our vision for the use and respect of the natural environment. We use a creative approach in incorporating the natural world within the service. We aim to establish and promote positive, responsible dispositions towards the natural world. We value these resources as an opportunity for creativity and possibility.

We aim to achieve a sense of wonder through their learning, love of the land, nature, and animals so young children will develop a long-life respect as well as positive and proactive attitudes to our environment and our sustainable future. We believe in empowering children in their early years to believe they can make a difference.

We acknowledge that “everything” in this world provides an opportunity to learn, be it people, places, experiences or resources. Play should be fun, exciting, hands on, spontaneous, stimulating, interesting, relaxing, comforting, social and challenging.

We truly respect the role we play in the children’s formative years. We strive to embed a “Love of learning” that they may take with them through their life of education.