CENTRE DIRECTOR – Melissa Drinkwater

Diploma Children’s Services

Educating in our centres for 10 years

Why Childcare?

I have a passion for children and watching them grow. As a new mum myself, I now have even a greater love for children and focus on learning through play- particularly outdoors!

EDUCATOR – 2-3 ROOM – Blessed Turner

Why Childcare?

“I love being in early childhood, because I love the relationships you build up to help them to feel safe, secure, treasured and loved. I love to teach a child something new and watch the ‘twinkle’ in their eyes when they understand and how proud they look.”

EDUCATOR – 2-3 ROOM – Tamara Williams

Why Childcare?

“I love being in childcare, the relationships you make with the kids are amazing. Watching the kids improve day by day in every activity just makes me smile every day.”

EDUCATOR – 2-3 ROOM – Gabriella De Paula

Why Childcare?

“I love the rewarding feeling of being part of the children’s growth and development. I love being part of their lives and them feeling at home in the centre.”

EDUCATOR – 3-5 ROOM – Emma Edwards

Why Childcare?

“I love working in childcare as I get to watch the children grow and develop and build strong relationships with the children, family and community.”

EDUCATOR – 3-5 ROOM – Erin Crumpton

Why Childcare?

“I love the feeling of community and being part of the children’s early years.”

EDUCATOR – 4-5 Room – Angelica Meintanis

Floor Manager

Masters in Early education

Why Childcare?