We provide you the assurance that whilst in our care, your child will engage with warm, friendly educators in a fun, safe and homely environment. We are passionate about providing your child with meaningful experiences every day and reap the rewards of their learning and discoveries so that they reach their full potential.

Our philosophy is built around six core beliefs


We provide high quality care and education throughout our service by recognising that all children, families and staff are unique individuals that need to be respected. We acknowledge that children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighborhood and a wider community. We will foster children’s self-worth, as well as provide an understanding of acceptance for others. We will celebrate, honour and promote the diversity, not just related to our service, but the diversity of the world we live in. We will do this by directly accessing the input and resources that come from the children, staff, family and our community. Our program reflects the diverse culture of the world we live in, by developing children’s awareness and respect for cultural differences and similarities.


We believe parents are the first teachers of their children and through positive involvement and open communication in the program, we aim for each child to reach their fullest potential. Children are seen through our lens as being powerful, inquisitive, competent and capable learners. Our service supports families in their parenting role and offers a variety of information to enhance and reinforce their child’s development. We encourage families to be active participators in the life of the centre, by sharing cultural customs, knowledge, strengths and interests of their children.


Partnerships also engage children with additional needs, educators, families and support professionals working together to explore children’s potential in everyday events, routines and play experiences. Images, books and resources reflect children and people with disabilities as active participants in the community in our service. We recognise the importance of creating an environment where children’s lives outside the centre are entwined within the centre.


We work closely together as functional members of an efficient team, creating consistency in the child’s life. Connections and continuity between learning experiences in different settings make learning more meaningful and increase the child’s feelings of belonging. Children will be provided with ample opportunities to discover, explore, experiment, create, investigate, problem solve, negotiate and express their ideas and opinions, all with support from our educators. Children are supported to understand themselves in a positive way, to experience a sense of belonging that nurtures their self-esteem and confidence. We accept the development of children as individuals and provide experiences that cater for distinct interests, as well as that of the group. Interactions with children will maintain the dignity and rights of each child and take in regard the family and cultural values, age, physical and intellectual development and abilities of each child being educated and cared for at our service.


Our lives are intrinsically entwined with the natural world. We subscribe to environmental learning experiences and believe it’s essential to children’s understanding of themselves and their place in this world, fostering a lifelong commitment to our planet. We believe in educating and ensuring children participate in practices of sustainability by promoting responsibility and respect towards the environment. Our children are seen as active participants in recycling, gardening and re-using everyday household products. We empower them to make a difference in their future.


As a team, we acknowledge that all educators have individual strengths and skills. In order for educators to move forward and grow, we actively engage in ongoing critical reflection of our educational program and practices. We believe that children are by nature social beings, born with the drive to play, explore and learn. We aim to create an unhurried environment emphasising on periods of uninterrupted play in accordance with children’s developmental stages, to provide for meaningful experiences and learning opportunities for the children. We encourage children to pursue learning together in an engaging and nurturing environment, supported by educationally appropriate resources and dedicated and caring educators.