Benefits of playing outside

Taking some time away from a busy schedule to catch some time for a rest has always been the choice of most parents who are getting burnt-out as a result of hard work. Moving outdoors is a great alternative to always staying indoors for a rest & it comes with a multitude of benefits for the mind and body and has an equal advantage to children. This is because such activities bring back the vigor in a child, making their body stronger and more revitalized; improving their mood and enriching their skills so they can be more prepared to face the challenging seasons of life.

For kids, playing outside is very important. Spending time in the beautiful parks and well-preserved playspaces can provide plenty of opportunities for early learning, while also offering a lot of exploration and discovery for children of all ages. The natural world introduces the whole family to fun activities such as guided tours to islands for day trips, going to the caves and underground rivers, BBQ and picnics, having fun on the beach, biking on off-the-beaten tracks and trails, or gathering enough courage to try out a zipline to have a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking sceneries below.

Outdoor play provides sensory stimulation for the kids and also improves their sense of wonder. Other pursuits that allow one to explore the natural world are camping in the woods, fishing, trekking or hiking, and going on a picnic near the lake. For the more adventurous kiddies, they can have an exhilarating time surfing or hiking mountains. A great childcare in Miranda encourages both indoor and outdoor activities where children can also grow in knowledge while exploring their environment in enjoyment.

Kids who are water lovers can go swimming into the stunning ocean waters or go diving to witness the colourful corals and fascinating fish. Choosing these kinds of aquatic activities is beneficial as natural play brings a lot of benefits which is not only for the enjoyment it brings but also contributes to the total wellbeing of the person engaging in it. These experiences also boost the child’s ability to swim, and could also teach the youngsters about water safety.

When planning outdoor activities for kids, parents may consider the following activities and their benefits:


Hiking on a long, pleasurable walk in the open does not only give good exercise to the body but it also improves concentration, inspires appreciation, and teaches the kids to be careful as the activity allows one to focus on their trail and be pleased with the beauty of their surroundings. Near Miranda, the Sydney Coast Walks in Caringbah South NSW enables children to appreciate their surroundings while growing in their appreciation for the natural world.


The exciting time while surfing gives children a new perspective on how one can go through challenging tasks with courage and determination. Near Miranda, surfing lessons can be taken at the Cronulla Surfing Academy to enhance your children’s love for the water and encourage them to grow in a challenging environment.

Exploring Caves

Exploring the caves and mesmerizing underground rivers in guided group tours widen the kids’ knowledge about science and also brings appreciation of God’s marvelous designs as the child appreciates the various form of stalactites and stalagmites and the other amazing natural wonders of the Earth. If you’re looking for a road-trip to explore some amazing caves, the Jenolan Caves makes for a great natural destination.

Trips in the outdoors

Families going on nature trips can enjoy boat and ferry rides, cruising, or island hopping. This evokes an appreciation of nature for the kids as they express their excitement and awe during the activity. Seeing the sights, combined with the relaxing activities, can provide a calming effect on the mind and body of your children, and are also known to lessen stress and anxiety.

Visiting Farms

Visiting the farms with your little ones is a natural form of relaxation because you expose them to the laidback, rural life experience on a farm. The process of interacting with the animals and communicating with the caretakers will give them an actual life experience which may give them insights on how the animals are taken care of and made useful in the loving relationship between a human and their environment.

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Environmental Preservation

Adults and kids develop awareness in the importance of taking care of the environment and in the process, promote the preservation of the environment when they participate in outdoor play. A preschool in Miranda such as the Wyralla Road Kindergarten teaches kids how to be environmentally conscious through many different activities enabling the children to learn through play.

Going for little runs

Running in a park and getting physical activity outdoors help a child maintain a healthy weight and allow him to avoid obesity and other overweight-related illnesses.

Exploring a beach

Natural play is incredibly beneficial to the kids’ wellness. Studies have shown that being exposed to certain elements of nature such as mud, water, sand, etc. may help in strengthening a child’s immune system.

Exploring the great outdoors

Enjoying an underwater scene of the colourful fishes, beautiful corals and having reached the top of a mountain; enjoying a panorama of sceneries — one goes back home with renewed strength, vitality and spiritual inspiration as the experience is truly unforgettable. Through enabling your children to be exposed to the natural world, they will have many years to reflect upon as they grow.

Children nature quote

For parents, whether you plan to go on a hiking trip, organize a simple picnic at a park or beach, or take part in a spur-of-the-moment visit to the local natural attractions, make sure that safety precautionary measures are observed and that the activities are age-appropriate for your child. This way, you ensure your kids’ well-being while they enjoy the multitude of benefits from natural play, as you all take delight in the Earth’s innate magnificence.

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