Top Local Cafés for Families and Dining Out Tips

The social growth of a child is a very important aspect in his or her development. Various social experiences teach your child to live in harmony with the people around them. Social concepts and other self-regulatory skills are also learned from observing others and are integral to early learning. These social and learning experiences can be best provided by the family as the child grows through the different stages of their life.

Family mealtimes are a great example of a social experience where the child learns to interact with their family members. What the child has learned in the family mealtimes can be best reinforced when they are brought to cafés and restaurants for dining. Although proper behaviours are taught starting preschool, dining out is the best time to learn and practice values such as sharing, cooperation, courtesy, politeness, respect and most of all, being gracious. Other values that can be learned are being tidy, patience, selflessness, moderation, self-control, and kindness. Eating out also helps the children observe table manners and etiquettes, and is also a great opportunity to explore a wide variety of delicious meals, dealing with others, and enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the chosen restaurant or café.

Parents can ensure that dining out is educational, enjoyable and safe with the following tips combined with great local child-friendly café recommendations:

A child is usually energetic and is considered as the most mobile and is more prone to some “accidents” such as spilling the soup, knocking a glass of water, or dropping the spoon or fork; so they can be seated beside the parent or an older sibling who can guide and supervise the child. Babies and toddlers (when ready) should be seated securely on a high chair. For most parents, a spacious, kid-friendly restaurant or café is an excellent choice for the ideal dining experience with the kids.

Hazelhurst Cafe

Picking a child-friendly dining place is ideal to ensure the safety of our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The Hazlehurst Gallery Café has a lovely atmosphere, nice views and has an open space where kids can run and play. Parents and kids can have a refreshing moment in the garden and the kids can also enjoy their tasty children’s menu.

Remind the kids of the proper table manners learned at school or during family mealtimes at home. For instance, if the kids talk with a loud voice, give them specific instructions to speak in a quieter voice to respect others. Tell them to always observe politeness when talking to everyone, especially with the staff, and to be courteous and respectful to others.

The Rock Cafe

The Rock Café is an adorable dining spot where families can talk about their experiences and discuss anything under the sun over a delicious meal. A perfect moment to have a heart-to-heart talk, to provide encouraging words, or to simply have a great bonding time!

Encouraging your little ones to wash their hands before eating, not to talk while chewing, saying kind words, and keeping their plate clean while dining out are also useful to educate them about the importance of proper table manners. Instruct your kids to try to avoid getting messy when eating and be aware of keeping themselves neat and clean during mealtimes.

Also the Rock Cafe has a playground beside it called ‘The Play Cave’ – you should also go along and visit it so your kids can have an amazing time 🙂

Luxe Cafe

Moms and dads with kids can enjoy the striking ambiance of Luxe Café. Families will also love the freshly-prepared dishes which also provides a chance for them to teach the kids how to use the utensils while maintaining proper dining etiquette.

Appropriate behaviour is required in public places such as restaurants or cafés. The place may be spacious for easy movements of customers but kids should be instructed not to jump around to prevent bumping and slipping, which may cause accidents, commotions or stress to other diners as well.

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Ruby Niks

It is important to choose a café that provides enjoyable activities for the kids to keep them busy while parents spend a relaxing time on their own. Ruby Niks is a kid-friendly café with an indoor playground that is surrounded by tables where the parents can easily see them play. Allow your kids to choose from the delightful offerings from the café’s babycino menu and perhaps start teaching them how to order food from the menu.

When eating out, parents can use this as a chance to educate the kids to make healthy choices. The experience will also teach them to appreciate diverse tastes, allowing them to be exposed to different cuisines and cultures; which will help them adjust easily, especially when traveling to a new place or to a new country and when interacting with people from different backgrounds.

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The Shed Cafe

The Shed Café‘s laid-back atmosphere is ideal for families who want to have a wonderful dining experience in a contemporary & charming setting. Families with children may find The Shed Café’s home-style meals, salads and pastries truly appetizing!

Spending family time while making sure that values are practiced and the etiquettes are expressed will surely mold your kids into becoming well-mannered, confident, and respectful individuals. Eating out does not only bring families closer — but a certain kind of awareness is established that will, in turn, help your little ones live and interact with others, graciously.

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